Butler County - Cincinnati North Marriott - Oct. 16-18

Ohio Conference on Travel


The Ohio Conference on Travel

Missed out on 2018? Join us in 2019 in Butler County!


2019 Ohio Conference on Travel
Cincinnati North Marriott
October 16-18


The Ohio Conference on Travel is beneficial to you in a variety of ways: just ask our attendees!


Donniella Winchell
Ohio Wines

"Over the years, the Ohio Conference on Travel has hosted cutting-edge speakers who have forced all of us to think beyond the ordinary. Breaking through the clutter of marketing and promotion programs out there requires us to be smarter than the average bear, and the conference has helped us work toward that objective."


Jason Fallon
Ohio Department of Natural Resources

"The Ohio Conference on Travel is an amazing way to network with fellow industry members and to learn new ideas and ways to promote what we do every day. It is also the one time during the year that we are all together in one location reflecting on the year that was!"


Kristina Smith
Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums

"Last year was the first year- to the best of my knowledge- that we entered the RUBY Awards. The recognition also helped our visibility as an institution. Many people at the OTA Conference last year came up to me and asked about our site, and many hadn't heard of us before. This was a great way to introduce people to the Hayes Presidential Library & Museums and invite them to come see us."







Ohio’s $44 billion travel economy is on point for exciting growth. We’re witnessing new investments, job creation, and increased travelers and their spending, all contributing to an industry that is developing Ohio’s economy. Attending the state tourism conference is a must for anyone serious and passionate about what we do. Keeping up with trends, learning about new opportunities, brainstorming challenges and getting to know your peers is the golden ticket to success, and the Ohio Conference on Travel is the place to be.
— Rich Nachazel, 2018 Ohio Travel Association President

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