2017 Cutting-Edge Breakout Sessions and Content-Rich Presentations


9 - 10 am
Keynote: Latest Tips and Trends in Digital Travel Marketing 
Jim Brody, Sense of Place

What are the latest digital trends effecting marketing in travel? What are the most important tips you can use to turn the latest version of an ever-changing online conversation into a great tool to grow your business or destination brand? You’ll leave this session less overwhelmed and more confident about what you can try now, and what to keep an eye on that's just around the corner.

10:15 - 11:30 am

1. Getting Creative with Online Content
Jim Brody, Sense of Place
Sponsored by Travel Spike

It's not enough to just watch your reviews, upload some photos and videos, and regularly post to the social network of your choice. In this session, learn about real and specific ideas that let you get creative online to get your message out there as a destination, an individual business, or even as a group. Real examples will be used from the travel industry around the world to jump-start your own ideas and efforts at home in Ohio. From starting your own online promotion, to reaching a great niche of potential visitors, to just getting more and better user-generated content online, learn how to be creative. 

2. Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace and Your Marketing Efforts
    Randie Adam, Cincinnati USA CVB
    Jason Dunn, Cincinnati USA CVB

Industry trends and changing national demographics indicate that the multicultural sector in the travel industry will continue to show strong growth in the coming years. When we pay attention to diversity, it results in higher business performance, increased creativity and employee retention. It can also lead to more business, as you create the capacity to better understand your increasingly global and diverse customer base. Learn where we stand in the industry, what opportunities exist and what’s being done in some parts of the state to advance inclusion.  

3. Wage and Hour Laws Every Travel Professional Needs to Know
    Catherine Strauss, IceMiller

Sometimes employee claims are made for unpaid working time, unpaid or underpaid overtime and a whole host of other violations under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. In addition, Ohio has a few wage and hour laws of its own worth knowing, as violations of either one can give rise to unpaid wage liability and the employer may even have to pay the employee’s legal fees. No one should find themselves out of compliance in today’s workplace, and there are ways to comply and still pay competitive, market-based wages. Come to this breakout session, and learn compliance tips about exemptions from overtime. salary versus hourly rates, wage payments, pay days, vacation, sick and PTO plans, bonuses, tips, overtime, non-working time (when it has to be paid) and more.

1:50 - 2:50 pm
Keynote: Traversing the Disruption
Bill Geist, DMOProz

It certainly may not feel like it on the surface, but disruption is what powers consumer desire and consumption. Destination marketing consultant and author Bill Geist shares examples of how changing up the status quo can create media buzz, brand awareness and visitor trial. In this fast-moving presentation, you'll realize the opportunities to become the disruptors and not the disrupted.

2:55 - 4 pm

1. Developing a Message that Resonates - Explaining the Importance of
    Destination Marketing and the Visitor Economy to Non-Believers
Bill Geist, DMOProz

You can recite the numbers and case studies all you want. If people refuse to believe that the visitor economy is real, they will continue to ignore the power of travel to enhance the economy and quality of life of travel communities. Destination marketing author Bill Geist shares examples from around the country of how crafting an unexpected message and using unconventional tactics can often result in communicating the importance of the visitor economy in ways that non-believers simply cannot refute.

2. Strengthening Marketing Partnerships: What Attractions and DMOs
    Need from Each Other
    Tami Brown, Greater Cleveland Aquarium (Moderator)
    Gailmarie Fort, Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens
    Tina Knotts, Union County CVB
    Gregg Mervis, Akron/Summit CVB
    Wendy Zucal, Dennison Railroad Depot Museum
    Sponsored by Fahlgren Mortine

Get valuable insight into strengthening marketing partnerships between destination marketing organizations and attractions, hotels, museums, restaurants and other pieces of the experience puzzle they represent. A panel of industry veterans representing attractions and DMOs of varying sizes and types will share best practices, successful partnerships and communication tools that work. Learn how to properly manage a FAM tour. Discover best practices when communicating a new exhibit or feature of your attraction, and learn how to establish the best possible relationships with DMO professionals.

3. How to Make Your Customer Data Work for You
Tim Baumgardner, Advance 360
    Kami Kennedy, Advance 360
    Jeff Leitch, Advance 360

Join the digital marketing experts from Advance 360 as they take you through the journey of effective customer relationship management (CRM) data marketing. In this session, learn easy-to-apply tips on how to build effective CRM data campaigns for direct mail, social media, display and newsletter marketing. Discover how to collect data from your existing website and what information is needed to build a robust traveler database. Learn how to segment data and build audiences based on various factors such as age, geographical location, interest, past guest data, or for specific promotions. From building look-alike audiences to engage new customers to creating and running ad campaigns and tracking these through Google Analytics, this session arms you with strategies necessary to grow your business through data.

Travel Policy Forum

Hear the latest on what’s happening at the statehouse and in D.C. Changes in rules and regulations can impact operations, not to mention enhance or harm the visitor experience. Learn about employment issues – including the J-1 and minimum wage issues, as well as the school start calendar. Receive updates on new opportunities being created through a shared economy and how work is being done to improve Ohio’s infrastructure for travelers, as well as its competitiveness.


10:30 - 11:30 am
Keynote: Lead Bright: Managing Energy Not Time
Jane Howard, Culture Effect

Have you noticed that everyone is being asked to do more with less these days? The economy now seems to be predicated on the do-more-with-less assumption. This is the new normal. And, what are the results of the new normal? If you are like the vast majority of U.S. companies, 72% of your managers are disengaged, exhausted and moving so fast that they are experiencing a crisis of purpose and meaning, and feeling the effects of exhaustion on their relationships at work and at home. This situation is exacerbated, because as a leader you set the tone for managing your organization’s energy. Come to Lead Bright: Managing Energy Not Time, and learn the research that shows why the way you are working is not working and what you can do to change that. You’ll walk away with a tool to better understand how to maintain optimal energy for your busy life and the beginning of a practice that can build health, productivity and happiness into your life and the lives of those around you.

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